Burn Permits

Burning of open fires during the day is not allowed between April 1 to October 31st.
Burn Permits Dot Com Link

(Step-by-Step Instructions for the New User)

  • Go to https://alberton.burnpermits.com/ in your browser (Internet Explorer, Safari, whatever you use).
  • Click “Create account”.
  • Enter your email address. Your fire permit will be sent to this address. If you don’t have an email address, we can print your permit off for you during regular business hours. Click “Ok”.
  • Select the permit type you wish to purchase.
  • Enter your name. Enter your phone number.
  • Open the drop-down menu and choose the appropriate selection to indicate whether you own the property where burning will be done or whether you rent it.
  • Enter the fire number and road name for the property where burning will take place. If the property is vacant land and doesn’t have a fire number, enter a physical descript ion (i.e. “Lot 33, Roddick, Highway 602” or “NE 1/4 Section 34, Crozier, Hill Road”, or similar) .
  • Create your password — any password you want . Click “Continue”.
  • Zoom in and out on the +/- sign at the bottom right hand side of the page. Find the burning address on the map and drag the marker to your burn location. (This can be a bit tricky since the marker is blinking). Click “Continue”.
  • You must read and check all “Agree” boxes in order to proceed to the next page . Once that’s done, click “Continue”.
  • Sign with your mouse. Yes, this may feel or look awkward that’s okay if it’s not perfect.
  • Choose the notification method to contact you in case a fire ban or Restricted Fire Zone is declared. Click “Continue”.
  • Choose your payment method. Your options are to pay online or pay later. If you choose “pay later” you must come into the office to pay the permit fee. Your fire permit will not be in effect until the permit fee is paid in full.
  • You will receive your permit by email so be sure to check your email. The permit will be sent pretty much instantly.

That’s all there is to it! If you’re not sure about doing the process, come to the Municipal Office and we will help you through it.
Your permit is good for the calendar year until December 31st in the year it is purchased . No matter how many times you (re)activate your permit during the calendar year, there is no extra charge . And – bonus! – you can renew your permit the next year using the same information you’ve already put into the system so renewal will be even easier!

REMEMBER: Each time you wish to burn, you must call 807-907-2282 to (re)activate your permit before your burn.

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