Asset Management

Council for the Township of Alberton has a strong practice of forward thinking in respect of the Township’s assets and planning beyond the current year is a major component of this. To that effect, Council began utilizing life-cycle costing and asset management planning in 2002 when Council first introduced hard-surfaced roads to the Township. Since that time, planning has become a standard practice with regard to all of the Township’s tangible capital assets.

The Asset Management Plan prepared by Saulteaux Consulting & Engineering was adopted by Council in early 2015 and, as directed by Council, included all tangible capital assets which met the approved capitalization thresholds, not just the core assets required by the Province.

The Strategic Asset Management Policy adopted in June, 2019 addresses all requirements of Ontario Regulation #588/17 and the Township will be working towards meeting the established deadlines for implementation of all aspects of that policy.

View the Township’s Asset Management Plan which was adopted by Council in 2015 and which applies to the ten-year period from 2015 to 2025.

View the Township’s Strategic Asset Management Policy which was adopted by Council in June, 2019.


Municipal Building Energy Reporting:

Note:  Latest report is always two years behind current year

Alberton Township – 2019 Energy Report

 AlbertonTownship – 2018 Energy Report

Alberton Township – 2017 Energy Report

Alberton Township – 2016 Energy Report


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