Accessibility Plan

Click the link below to access a .pdf version of the Township’s Municipal Accessibility Plan.   The conversion to the .pdf format extended the title page over two pages, thus skewing the page numbers by one, but all text appears to be in order.

If you have any comments or suggestions on the Plan or on accessibility issues in the Township, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Annual Status Report on Steps taken to address Barriers listed in Plan


Staff and Council members have or are in the process of undertaking accessibilty training.
Building issues are to be addressed when renovations occur.
Fire Hall washrooms were updated/installed in 2019 and are accessible.
Accessibility has been taken into consideration in design for community hall, which will be fully
accessible if the Township’s application for funding under the ICIP – Community Culture and
Recreation Stream is successful.


Sidewalk was installed at Millennium Park to provide a flat surface for ease of access between playground equipment, picnic and seating areas, and the pavilion.
Website is undergoing update (expected completion December, 2020) and all information posted thereon will be in accessible format when completed.

Electronic participation in public meetings was enabled in April, 2020, first as part of pandemic response, then on an ongoing basis as permitted by amendments to the Municipal Act, 2001.
Accessibility is taken into consideration during the planning stages of all Township projects.
Payment options have been introduced to allow all persons to submit electronic payments.

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