Alberton Volunteer Fire Department

The following brochures are available for pick-up year-round at the front desk in the Municipal Office

     No Doubt About It:  Working Smoke Detectors Save Lives
The Homeowners FireSmart Manual
     Tips for Safe Heating
     When Fire Strikes:  Get Out!  Stay Out!
     Facts about Smoke Alarms
     Older & Wiser:  Fire Safety Tips for Older Adults

You can also access the following information by visiting the Fire Safety Council website:

Facts About Smoke Alarms
Fire in Your Apartment Building
Plan Ahead: Fire Safety in Apartment Buildings
Tips for Safe Heating
Fire Safety for Apartments in Houses
If You Hear the Fire Alarm
A Child's Fascination with Fire Begins at an Early Age **
Older and Wiser–Fire Safety Tips for Older Adults **
Put A Lid On It! Fire Safety In The Kitchen**

Information Sheets:
Review on Best Sensor Type for Kitchens (PDF 21 kB)
Home Fire Escape Plan Worksheet (PDF 207 kB)
Parent's Guide to Responsible Babysitting
Smoke Alarm Fact Sheet
Fire In Your Residential Building: To Go or To Stay?
Fire Safety for Apartments in Houses
Survive A Fire In Your Home…Plan Your Escape Today!
Don't Invite Disaster to Your Holiday Celebrations
Tips to Survive the Holidays
Older and Wiser--Home Fire Safety Check for Family and Friends of Older Adults
Emergency Lighting And Heating Safety Checklist
Essential Fire Safety Information For Emergency Shelters
Safety Tips For Electrical Generators
Safety Tips For Emergency Lighting and Heating During Power Failures
Storage Of Gasoline
Keeping Safe From The "Silent Killer" (Carbon Monoxide)
Fireworks Safety

A little bit of VFD history...

  (left to right)  Deputy Fire Chief Willie Cole, Jamie Woolsey, Erik Lambertson, Terry Angus,
Micha Gerber, Rob Barkley, Dave Egan, Captain Inno Laur, Tyson Dennis, Captain Chris Bodnar,
Fire Chief Sandy Haney, Trevor Joyce, Gerry Wilson, Mike Bailey, Dan DeGagne, Cameron Trembath
(Missing:  Jason Aucoin, Johannes Gerber, Ashley Gibbs, Craig McKinnon, Captain Peter Neilson, Tom Rawn, Captain Ken Wright)
Photo by Suzette Angus

Former VFD Secretary Beth Logue and former Fire Chief Sandy Haney
 at a 2012 emergency training session in Emo.