Economic Development

Alberton welcomes entrepreneurs and encourages commercial and industrial development in the Business Park zone located along Highway 11-71, as well as home businesses and home industries.

The Township contributes annually to Rainy River Future Development Corporation, which faciiltates economic development in the municipalities located in the west end of the Rainy River District. For more information on the programs and services offered by RRFDC, go to its website,

Township Procurement Policy

In 2012, Council adopted a Procurement Policy which outlines methods and processes which the Township employs in making procurements.

Links to Local Businesses:

The following business links are provided for your information.  Any Alberton business owner who wishes to have the Township add his, her or its URL to this page should contact the Township by e-mail, fax or letter providing the necessary URL information.

Badiuk Equipment

NorFab Building Components Ltd.